Reform school – Her training and total submission was complete

bdsm comics by Steve
Mason pulled out ot Karen’s mouth as he began to cum. His seed spurted onto her face and dripped onto his boot. “Clean it up slut.” Karen leaned down and eagerly began lapping up Master’s seed from the filthy floor. “My, what a wonderful job you’ve done with her.”
Karen’s foster mother remarked. “Let’s get her home, dear. I’ve got the dungeon all ready for our ‘daughter’.” Karen looked up into her foster mother’s eyes totally humiliated, but never once stopped licking the cum from Mason’s boot. Her training and total submission was complete. Mason fastened a thick collar and leash around Karen’s neck.
“You do as they say little miss, or I’ll pay you visit, understand?” Karen nodded as she crawled like a dog behind her foster parents…
bdsm comics by Steve
“Let’s see how much obedience you’ve learned bitch. Open you mouth and suck me ’til I cum.” Karen twisted her head away, “No, I won’t do it you bastard!!” Soon Karen discovered what a mistake she had made. “Not ready to obey orders yet? Good! I like a girl who needs solid torture to learn her place.” Mason slapped her hard across the face again and pushed her down across the cold cement floor. Holding her down with the superior weight of his body, he raped her for the third time. ‘That’s it, struggle bitch, it pleases me!”

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