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Celestin, Guido Barsi: Locker room

The men take turns using them in the steamiest and most brutal ways, filling and stretching their tight, slick holes with their fat throbbing pricks.

Hawke: Evil Elves 2

As the saga unfolds, discover the twisted delights that await in Part Two, where the subdued women face a fate far more horrifying.

Lesbi k Leih: Only fiends 2

They are forced into enticingly tight leather outfits which intensifies their mortification.

Aquila: Hellsgate manor

Will she wake up from her nightmare or will she live forever dominated by the master of this terrifying hell?

Kittyhand: Enter the Ka club

Vikki Rames is a streetwise tough girl who thinks she’s more than a match for low-level scum like Brandon and his gangster friends.

Hawke: Halloween house party, Morning after

The morning after the Halloween party, David’s bosses son is left at home by himself to clean up the mess left by the party guests.

Predondo: The hotties next door 12

In some other room, Hector, the servant, and the sex-crazed Gloria play depraved games that leave her covered in welts and bruises and, of course, his grit.

Lesbi k Leih: Only fiends

She must fight back! But the after-effects of last night’s indulgence are yet to wear off entirely, so she sobs as he torments her with a knife and a needle.

Aquila: Dominus 3, Counterattack

Kristen is faced with a difficult choice to make, either she hands herself over to her archenemy, THE DOMINUS! or betray her dear friends.

Predondo: Harem horror hell 9

Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine has a bunch of special guests that she wants to invite to the palace in continuation of her insatiable debauchery!