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Sadistic end

bdsm by Badia
After having Helena thoroughly raped and forced to perform in the most humiliating ways, Rojo has decided to finish the girl.
“Wait… wait… we don’t want tne bitch to suffocate yet… I wanna break all her ribs before!”
bdsm by Badia
Oh yes, Rojo liked this one. She was his neighbours’ daughter. He had lusted after her for years, since she was a child. One day he had her abducted and kept her for months as his sex slave locked up in a small cage in his private room at the Penitentiary. Needless to say, life became a living hell for the poor girl.
But like everything in life, Rojo got tired of her screaming and of her now ‘too-submissive’ behaviour. So Rojo decided to get rid of her. Marcelo and Rodolfo were two of his more devoted helpers… “Get rid of her but no bullets, no electro. Nothing too quick. I want her last for a full week before the end. I really want her to beg for it, understand?”
“Yeah… boss. She will”

A novice and four monks

bdsm by Badia
“Pull those legs harder Sister Fratello, I like them tight and wide apart. It makes their cunts juicer and they feel it even more…”
“Yes… you’re here for a good time, girlie. Four big, randy cocks all for you!”
“Yeah… and it won’t only be cocks… we’ve brought a few toys too. We’re going to punish your sinner’s body, Temptress!”
bdsm by Badia
“Twenty-five… mmmm…. not bad, but you still got another cum or two in you…”
“No, please, i can’t… I can’t cum again…”
“Move your fuckhole, move it! You gotta learn

A freshly bought virgin slavegirl meets her dyke Mistresses

bdsm by Badia
A freshly bought virgin slavegirl meets her dyke Mistresses…
“You will never get fucked by a man, slave… too late for that now that we own you. But before training you as our cunt-slave we want you to know how painful male intercourse can be…”
“Yeah… you are not missing anything, believe me. Men are sort of brutes, they have no sensibility, not like us girls….”
“May I sit on her face while you deflower her?”
“Yes, of course. It’s time for our little thing here to know what a well-soaked cunt tastes and smells like!”
bdsm by Badia
Two sisters, not yet 21, meet their legal guardian…
“I know what you young whores need: a morning whipping and four shags a day, minimum! It keeps you tame and relaxed. From now on, you won’t be allowed to leave these premises and you’ll be kept permanently naked, gagged and chained.
In due course I’ll find you a husband to take care of you. But you are still too young to marry and I’m in no hurry…”

Ancient sex tortures comics

Some bdsm artwork could be really odd, you can make sure watching this really sexy gallery with the best content. Naked bitches with juicy boobs, they are slaves of their masters, no rules, no mercy just hardcore sex and tortures. All of the artwork is just perfectly suits for those admirers of drawn sex scenes, full of ancient way of torture, so wicked and really pleasurable. These comics are the real thing for all of the amateurs, who always want to see something spicy and different, those ways that girls are being tortured are not compared with anything else. Mysterious and painful sex with sexy submissive sluts.