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Dark ages – This one was a virgin in all her holes

bdsm art by Rougin
Finally the soldiers too got tired of raping her. The poor girl was left outside the city walls, chained by the neck. Passers-by could use her to their heart’s content…
“OK, you can use the bitch. You’ve got five minutes!”
“Thank you, Sir.”
bdsm art by Rougin
“This one was a virgin in all her holes… c’mon you bitch, relax your shit-hole or I’ll rip it open for you…”
“Yeah… same this end… Open wide, sinner, this Priest is going to cleanse your blasphemous mouth with holy sperm!”

Caucasus mobsters – Make the bitch gag on my cock

bdsm art by Rougin
This is the girl’s first job. The mobsters leave their victim by the side of the road, spread and ready to service the laborers constructing the new headquarters. In minutes it’s lunch time and a long queue will form. After she’ll be left alone in the cold until the worker’s shift is over. Then she’ll serve the men’s lust until they get tired of her. The mobsters will pick her up at dawn. There’s another assignment waiting next day for our young heroine. This time in the State Prison packed with over 10.000 inmates…
bdsm art by Rougin
“That’s the way slave, suck it nice and gently at first, and all the way down the shaft. Consider yourself dead fish if you bite him!”
“Yeah… all the way down… make the bitch gag on my cock!”

Aftermath – We will pound you back to Hell

bdsm art by Rougin
“No apology will redeem your filthy soul. No confession will save you… We will pound you back to Hell, from whence all women were spawned. Let’s see what a dent in the earth you can make now, slut!”
bdsm art by Rougin
“You wanna come in?”
“Yes… yes please.”
“Are you going to be a good girl?”
“Yes. I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you want…Please.”

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