Aftermath – We will pound you back to Hell

bdsm art by Rougin
“No apology will redeem your filthy soul. No confession will save you… We will pound you back to Hell, from whence all women were spawned. Let’s see what a dent in the earth you can make now, slut!”
bdsm art by Rougin
“You wanna come in?”
“Yes… yes please.”
“Are you going to be a good girl?”
“Yes. I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you want…Please.”

Captive kisses – Tell me my cock is hurting you

art by Hines
“Ughhhh…Your ass is so tight! Just the way Rahib likes it!” Rahib moaned loudly as he buried his enormous cock, almost thirty centimeters of it, up the hilt in Michelle’s protesting rectum. “Tell me it hurts you. Tell me my cock is hurting you!”
“Ohhhh, it hurts, Master! It hurts so much!”
“But you like it, don’t you? You like the pain of my esteemed cock, don’t you!” Rahib was slamming her ass with full-length thrusts now, shaking her body with the strength of his fucking.
“Master! Yes, Master! I like it! I like it so much!” Michelle answered through teeth clenched in agony….
art by Hines
Yeah-h-h..I tell ya this – when you get through takin’ Henry’s meat, you gonna be able to handle all them other cocks without much trouble.
I mean, there will be a few cocks as big as his, but none of them guys gonna fuck the hell out of ya like my brother Henry here.”

Modern pirates

comics by De Haro
Don’t cry, honey. Sorry we had to throw your parents overboard but we needed a boat for the merchandise. Now cheer up ’cause you’re gonna come with us and get some action! The crossing will take days and we’re gonna make the most of it. We’ll be traveling at night to avoid the coast guard and we’ll be fucking you raw during the day. You’ll get a nice tan laying naked spread-eagled on deck. And don’t worry about the sun burning your skin, jism makes up a lovely sunscreen!
comics by De Haro
It was nice having you on board but your time’s up, sweetie pie. You’re part of the deal. You and 2 million bucks, cash. It looks like that old bastard Mateo Matanzas knew you and was very fond of you… I guess he plans to get a lot of mileage out of you, considering what he paid. I wouldn’t like to be in that hot body of yours! By the way, hope you don’t mind, but he asked us to deliver those big tits of yours hooked. You know, instead of a collar and chain, he wants nip hooks and chain. They sure make a whore more docile. The old dog knows how to treat young bitches, you’ll see!

Sexy slave girls and masters

Artwork that will shiver all the amateurs of bdsm and cruel comics. Games those girls
play are extremely dangerous, they are going to get their pussies on trial and show
their real faces. Nice and tough scenes that were drawn by best bdsm artists, only
pleasure and pain mixed in one poisonous moment. What you are going to see is just
a real wildness. Incredible girls, slaves of their masters will be fucked hard, whipped
and beaten. A challenge nog for all girls, only the sexiest of them get the chance to be
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Female torture and bondage

female torture and bondage

It is a great chance to be in the center of action of another bdsm hotness. The whole scene is just super exciting, made by talented artist specially for the amateurs of drawn bdsm. Geeks are always weird and cruel inside, they hide their lust and ruthless nature, so here is the scene of a female, who trapped and bound to deal with such a jerk. Her torn pantyhose and sore boobs just the job of her master, she has no chance to escape, because she is being tied up. This is a real and cruel bdsm picture, showing the real action in pictures. More at

Incredible sex of slave girl

This scene is showing how cruel and rough bdsm comics could really be. This poor
chick is being caught and fucked by two dominant masters. Black guy who is holding
her has just fucked her holes and now this babe gets her first hardcore fisting. What
could be more cruel, than shove a whole arm into some slave girls pussy, the aim is
to fuck her that hard, she loses her mind, this cute petite female will get her pussy on
trial and opens new horizons. Something spicy about bondage, it always lets dominant
masters get what they want, while victim cannot move and just left to be fucked so hard. Incredible cruel comics for everyone!

Real hardcore bdsm pictures

Real hardcore bdsm pictures

New ways of making yourself more horny, those bdsm comics are real dope! It is time
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Girls been used as toys in slavery

Old times of bdsm slavery, poor females are treated like nothing more than toys. You can get those incredible comics and get deep into the ancient world if slave torturing. It is just incredible to be the witness of a girls hanging in the middle of the room, she is being tortured by her masters and they will never let her go. Those girls are bound to have their pussies fucked will plenty of dildos and tools, anything that could fit in their little hole. Nice content will provide amazing time with the sexiest drawn models of bdsm comics. Only the most hardcore scenes and dirties moments for the real amateurs.

Suffering slave girls

Suffering slave girls

Amazing suffering beauties, that were caught by masters and made to serve as slaves.
This is a dream come true for any man, girls should be submissive and do anything that
masters tell. They will be fucked face down and ass up, using more crazy tools those
men are going to bring more pain to the fresh wounds of sexy girls. These comics are
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Drawn girls bdsm scene

Crying will not help all of those bitches get some mercy, they will be fucked and touched really violently, because slavery is their only way of living. The best artworks made by talented and passionate to their job artists. The stories of slave females, who were caught and tied up for further violent sex slavery, they will open the whole picture of pain, mixed with pleasure and despair. It is a real sex of unreal girls, who are so sexy and wild. Scenes of gagging and whipping will be teasing your sight and add something mysterious to the bdsm comics life. Drawn, but so real bitches, getting fucked for real.