Foreign spy

bdsm by Aries

We need to know how many volts a human body can withstand, before the heart goes into fibrillation. It was my idea to keep the electrodes as far away from the heart as possible, thus enabling the body to accept the highest possible voltage. After your tongue burns off, I’ll try your eyes, they are nice and wet. But first I’ll make you cum for all of us…”
bdsm by Aries
“You should not have rejected me, step-sister. I would have taken good care of you… But since you embarrassed me in front of my friends, I have no choice but to take some revenge. Such lovely big nipples, I’ll keep these intact. However, this leg-crusher will leave you crippled. You won’t need to walk anymore, I’ll keep you chained in a bed forever… I’ve arranged quarters for you at the brothel I own. There you will be royally fucked by me and a select group of my friends. You will make such a lovely cock-slave. I think I’ll have Brutus return after a quick fuck.
Would you like that?”

Hells brothel

bdsm by Tryten
“Don’t move your arms or I’ll go fishing with that hook on the wall and I’ll use sex lips for bait. D’you like rubber on your clit? Can you feel my bra on your nipple?”
“P-please, nooooo! Don’t touch me there. I’m not like this… please!”
“Mr Myers wants to me to find out all about you. He says I can take my time about it… I’m gonna shave you first though. He doesn’t like whores who try to hide their cunts!”
bdsm by Tryten
“Please, Master, this slave will do all you command! Please, don’t punish me!”
“I’ve been barbequing your wet cunt ever since you arrived, and you still haven’t learnt! Your body belongs to your Master and to no one else, right?”

Nilsson camp

bdsm by Nilsson

“Take that! And that, for being dirty! I’m gonna take you both with me. I’m gonna shut you up where nobody’ll find you! And I’m gonna fuck the pair of you, I’m gonna fuck the asses of you, I’m gonna fuck your fucking cunts all day and all night!”
bdsm by Nilsson
“Surprise, surprise, eh? You thought I was matt ripper, didn’t you? Ha! ha! That’s what everybody’s gonna think!!! They’ll string him up! And you two will be in a basement, chained to a cage, stark naked, waving your tits and cunts in the air, waiting for dear old Uncle Elmer to bring you some food and put his big dick in all your holes! Bad mistake, Liz, not wanting to fuck with me! Now I get your daughter too! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Between your legs

bdsm by Pitch Black

How’d you like your cell, slave? Feel comfortable? Hope so ’cause you’ll never get out of here, HAHAHA! Mmmmm…. it smells! Oh I see you’ve been using the toilet already… Fell like home, don’t you? HAHAHA!!! OK now…. kneel on your bench with your tits on the wood and stick your ass up and high. You gonna get well used… Both holes!
bdsm by Pitch Black
Been waiting for long, slave? Tired of standing? I can’t see any wet between your legs… I told you to rub your thighs until you got your slave cunt soaked. I see you are a stubborn one… you give me no option… gonna have to whip that smooth back of yours with my bullwhip. I’ll use a cane one your tits too…

Crusader slaves

bdsm by Hines
Mara refused to accept her new status as a slave rather than the aristocratic daughter of a slain crusader. But her owner, Masul, had a ready and always effective solution for curing the haughty Mara of her refusal to accept the new reality. Her whipping was brutal and extended and done in public, in full view of the other slaves as a lesson. Mara would quickly become the most obedient pleasure slave of them all. Mosul’s first wife conducted the punishment session…
“Say it again, slave!”
“PLEAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEE… I beg my mistress to allow this worthless slave to lick her Master’s arsehole…!!!
bdsm by Hines
Yahib’s wife, Musafi, may not have been very attractive, but she was one to always think of ways to keep her husband happy. Yahib’s other wives were beautiful of face and body – but none knew how to cater to his needs and wants as much as Musafi. And now she had endeared herself even more in his eyes by spending her own meager funds to buy him this new white bitch as a present.
“If you want, your lovingly wife can take care of her training according to your liking , Master…”
“Yeah… but have her sent to me every night, I want to verify her progress…”

The school teacher

bdsm by Eu Inocencius

The school teacher was detained two weeks ago. Since then, she’s been kept in cage naked, chained by the wrists and neck and gagged. She’s forced to eat in all fours and she’s raped dozens of times per day. She’s the garrison plaything…
“The bad news is that we’re going to leave tomorrow and you’re not coming. The good news is that I’ll shoot you before we go…”
bdsm by Eu Inocencius
“Well, slut… let’s start again. I’ll take out that gag and you’re gonna lick and suck and swallow everything it comes out from my dick, right?”

A long Sunday afternoon slave training session

bdsm by Thorn

“That’s was your lucky break, me rescuing you like that, kid. The papers say there were no survivors. The divers are still looking for you. You’re gonna stay with me for ever now, in this nice dry little room. It’s fair enough, after all.
I rescued you, and that makes you mine. You look like a whore to me, so I probably saved you from Hell too. Saved you from the Bible’s Hell, of course, not from mine. No one’s gonna save you from mine, between these four walls… Now let me hear you say it again, how much you like being raped by your savior…”
bdsm by Thorn
“Now we’ll go over that again, right? When I pinch your nipple you let your pert little ass down nice and slow until I feel you wetting my alls. I want the tip of my prick way up in there… and then you take your ass up real slow again until your lips are around my tip.
You squeeze my tip with your whore’s pussy until I say stop. It’s a bit like chewing gum, you get me? And by the way, if I shoot my load too soon, you get thirty lashes on your ass. Are you ready now?”

Damian crucifixions – decadence

bdsm by Damian

The robed women were lined up and forced to watch as two of the freshly caught slaves were burned alive by the heathen army.
Anya and Lania screamed madly as the flames slowly consumed their flesh. “PLEEEEASE! AAAAAUGHM Please kill us PLEEASEM”
“No my little virgins,” laughed the Bedouin chieftan, “you are the example to all the other slaves. They will obey or face the same death!”
One by one the slaves were stripped and raped. The screams of the burning sisters rang in their ears as the soldier’s cum filled their innocent young bodies.
bdsm by Damian
“Do it whore,” said Husam, “Lick your sister’s cunt while I whip her pale white tits! I will give you one minute to make her cum in your mouth. If you fail, I will slice off her clit and feed it to my dogs.”
Even though it disgusted her, Belinda leaned in and began to lick the folds and the bud of her sister’s slit as Husam began to whip her breasts harder with each stroke.
Belinda worked her lips and tongue feverishly as her sister screamed at first in agony but soon in ecstasy as well.
Suddenly Belinda felt her sister’s hips thrust forward against her mouth as began to cum. Belinda clamped her lips over her sister’s flowing sex and sucked all the juices into her mouth. Then she opened her mouth and showed Husam her sister’s cum now cradled onto her tongue. “Very good little slave. Now let’s see how you suck cock.”
Too afraid to refuse Belinda opened her mouth as Husam parted his robes. After only a moment of licking his massive member Belinda felt him spew against the back of her throat!
“Aaaah! You are very skilled little whore. My wives will very much enjoy your talents while I am away.”


bdsm by Hines
Yes, it was sometimes so hard, sometime practically impossible for a madam to resist the urge to use a beautiful new slave as her own personal sextoy instead of putting her to work whoring and bringing the money in as originally planned.
“Let’s do it once more, uh? Momma is going to sit on your pretty face and Lotus here is going to make you feel good…”
bdsm by Hines
“Please… Master… fuck bug this slave… bug her… make her eat your asshole and your shit… This slave is going to do anything!”
“Shut up, you bitch. You’re going to do everything I say and you’re going to get this whipping too. One hundred lashes, one lash every other minute! C’mon… get pleading, slave!”


bdsm by Thorn
He was like a child with a new toy. He now ran his hands gleefully the crying girl’s exposed flesh. She cringed, revolted by the touch of his fingers as they wandered freely over her naked body, fondling her breasts, stroking her belly and thighs then down to her young slit. “Did this boyfriend of yours fuck you? I want to know if you have ever been fucked.”
bdsm by Thorn
“That’s cooled you down and this’ll soon warm you up,” he said, as he picked up the scrubbing brush. He grabbed her and set about vigorously scrubbing her naked flesh all over. She yelped squirmed and wriggled in pain as the stiff bristles scoured her soft skin.
Soon her body glowed like a boiled lobster.