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Kittyhand, Sarenaph: Red in tooth & Claw 2

Harry is the star quarterback and team captain of the Hammerheads, the college football team for the Douglass Institute at Midport. His best friend is Fei, a transfer student from China.

Kittyhand: Enter the Ka club

Vikki Rames is a streetwise tough girl who thinks she’s more than a match for low-level scum like Brandon and his gangster friends.

Kittyhand, Comixchef, Sarenaph: Objection overruled – Betrayal

Between Objection Overruled and Objection Overruled 2 is the story of Julia Rochon and the newest cutie cop cunt! Julia is still a slave in Victor’s estate, known humiliatingly only as #31, but she’s hoping to earn favor from Victor and maybe get out of this hellish nightmare!

Kittyhand: Red in tooth & claw

Things go from bad to worse as Sophie is trained in the deviant art of sexual slavery and servitude! She will please and present herself to all of the wicked members of the perverted, bondage party whether she wants to or not!

Classmates: Jane’s nightmare

This is the story of what happened to her before the madness started and when she was bundled off to the KA Club to be trained in her new role… as an unwilling sex slave!

Bear’s lair

You don’t want to miss this fantastic new start to a fantastic new series brought to you by Kitty Hand exclusively at dofantasy.