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White slavers

bdsm by Tryten
“Show me your cunt and finger yourself, slave! Every dumb cunt knows how to cum properly! And make it real, qirl, or you’ll regret it… I’ve seen a lot of my husbands slaves cum and go, and I know when they re cumming for real!”
bdsm by Tryten
“Shut up, you stupid whore… yeah… this is pure butcher’s meat. You got a bad deal here, honey. Better throw her to the miners and see what happens… Perhaps they can turn cold meat into something hotter and hornier.”
“Yeah… I’ll send her to the mine… plenty of fun there for you slave. There’re 150 miners working in shifts of 6 months. They haven’t smell a cunt for 5 months now… they’ll very pleased with you.”

Hells brothel

bdsm by Tryten
“Don’t move your arms or I’ll go fishing with that hook on the wall and I’ll use sex lips for bait. D’you like rubber on your clit? Can you feel my bra on your nipple?”
“P-please, nooooo! Don’t touch me there. I’m not like this… please!”
“Mr Myers wants to me to find out all about you. He says I can take my time about it… I’m gonna shave you first though. He doesn’t like whores who try to hide their cunts!”
bdsm by Tryten
“Please, Master, this slave will do all you command! Please, don’t punish me!”
“I’ve been barbequing your wet cunt ever since you arrived, and you still haven’t learnt! Your body belongs to your Master and to no one else, right?”