Predondo: Harem horror hell 9

Meanwhile, Princess Jasmine has a bunch of special guests that she wants to invite to the palace in continuation of her insatiable debauchery!

Predondo: Harem horror hell part 8

She’s too busy shoving female tongue up her cunt! Still, she tires of the old dog’s antics and figures out the best way to solve any potential crisis: a public fuckfest at the factory of her choice!

Predondo: Harem horror hell part 7

The Emir and his family are given their “freedom” back so long as they obey and they’ll take their frustrations out on every slavegirl in the palace!

Palace of bdsm tortures

Palace of bdsm tortures

The palace of prince Ahmed is just a harem of white girls who were captured in the US and brought to him to serve and service. They are all slaves, they have to any chance to escape and it makes them even more upset. Olivia Hamilton is one of those girls, who was brought to the palace, she was abandoned by her father, and her mother is just in palace too. They both do not know what to do, it is a place of endless pain, blood and sex, the worst thing is that they will never be able to escape or be free. Prince Ahmed is going to finish his studying in the US and find some more slave girls there, that will come to his palace and treat his every dirty desire.