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bdsm by Aries

We need to know how many volts a human body can withstand, before the heart goes into fibrillation. It was my idea to keep the electrodes as far away from the heart as possible, thus enabling the body to accept the highest possible voltage. After your tongue burns off, I’ll try your eyes, they are nice and wet. But first I’ll make you cum for all of us…”
bdsm by Aries
“You should not have rejected me, step-sister. I would have taken good care of you… But since you embarrassed me in front of my friends, I have no choice but to take some revenge. Such lovely big nipples, I’ll keep these intact. However, this leg-crusher will leave you crippled. You won’t need to walk anymore, I’ll keep you chained in a bed forever… I’ve arranged quarters for you at the brothel I own. There you will be royally fucked by me and a select group of my friends. You will make such a lovely cock-slave. I think I’ll have Brutus return after a quick fuck.
Would you like that?”