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Sexy girls being punished

All of the kinky chicks will be punished for their bad behavior and be tortures with any type of tools. They are not counting on mercy and when their masters get their pussies busted with another huge dildo, they are screaming and begging to stop. Nice and so sexy scenes where drawn porn turns into a really exciting and so amazing action, where girls are submissive and ready for anything. Great whipping is really hurts those bitches, they want more and show their kinky nature knowing they will be punished for this. Incredible scenes of bdsm comics with rough elements of sex. Unforgettable punishing that will blow your mind.

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These comics will amaze any amateur of bdsm and ancient drawings. Tortures of old times, everything that you could even ask and females being in slavery. This is just a great opportunity to know more about ways of tortures, suffering females will be submitted and made to fuck wildly. From beautiful girls to adult and busty females, that have seen a lot of pain and pleasure. The choice is incredibly huge, bondage and whipping, raping and everything that was in artist’s mind. This is just the opportunity to get more sexy comics and discover more way of slavering girls. Incredible scenes with the best models.


bdsm by Hines
Yes, it was sometimes so hard, sometime practically impossible for a madam to resist the urge to use a beautiful new slave as her own personal sextoy instead of putting her to work whoring and bringing the money in as originally planned.
“Let’s do it once more, uh? Momma is going to sit on your pretty face and Lotus here is going to make you feel good…”
bdsm by Hines
“Please… Master… fuck bug this slave… bug her… make her eat your asshole and your shit… This slave is going to do anything!”
“Shut up, you bitch. You’re going to do everything I say and you’re going to get this whipping too. One hundred lashes, one lash every other minute! C’mon… get pleading, slave!”

A freshly bought virgin slavegirl meets her dyke Mistresses

bdsm by Badia
A freshly bought virgin slavegirl meets her dyke Mistresses…
“You will never get fucked by a man, slave… too late for that now that we own you. But before training you as our cunt-slave we want you to know how painful male intercourse can be…”
“Yeah… you are not missing anything, believe me. Men are sort of brutes, they have no sensibility, not like us girls….”
“May I sit on her face while you deflower her?”
“Yes, of course. It’s time for our little thing here to know what a well-soaked cunt tastes and smells like!”
bdsm by Badia
Two sisters, not yet 21, meet their legal guardian…
“I know what you young whores need: a morning whipping and four shags a day, minimum! It keeps you tame and relaxed. From now on, you won’t be allowed to leave these premises and you’ll be kept permanently naked, gagged and chained.
In due course I’ll find you a husband to take care of you. But you are still too young to marry and I’m in no hurry…”

Crusader slaves

bdsm by Hines
Mara refused to accept her new status as a slave rather than the aristocratic daughter of a slain crusader. But her owner, Masul, had a ready and always effective solution for curing the haughty Mara of her refusal to accept the new reality. Her whipping was brutal and extended and done in public, in full view of the other slaves as a lesson. Mara would quickly become the most obedient pleasure slave of them all. Mosul’s first wife conducted the punishment session…
“Say it again, slave!”
“PLEAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEE… I beg my mistress to allow this worthless slave to lick her Master’s arsehole…!!!
bdsm by Hines
Yahib’s wife, Musafi, may not have been very attractive, but she was one to always think of ways to keep her husband happy. Yahib’s other wives were beautiful of face and body – but none knew how to cater to his needs and wants as much as Musafi. And now she had endeared herself even more in his eyes by spending her own meager funds to buy him this new white bitch as a present.
“If you want, your lovingly wife can take care of her training according to your liking , Master…”
“Yeah… but have her sent to me every night, I want to verify her progress…”

Hardcore pictures of submissive girls

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Hardcore pictures of submissive girls

Hardcore torture gallery

If you are looking for something really spicy and hard this great gallery will give you even more. Incredible impressions and all kinds of bdsm tortures, whipping, gagging and gagging with unreal females. They are well drawn and made especially to treat all of your desires. Those models will be charming any amateur with new portion of sweet fuck. Bloody raping and enjoyable hardcore sex, everything that you could ask for. Nice juicy boobs and easy pussy tortures, what could be better. It is unreal world to get lost and let pleasure grab you. It is picked bdsm torture gallery that was made to blow minds and make horny.

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Crying will not help all of those bitches get some mercy, they will be fucked and touched really violently, because slavery is their only way of living. The best artworks made by talented and passionate to their job artists. The stories of slave females, who were caught and tied up for further violent sex slavery, they will open the whole picture of pain, mixed with pleasure and despair. It is a real sex of unreal girls, who are so sexy and wild. Scenes of gagging and whipping will be teasing your sight and add something mysterious to the bdsm comics life. Drawn, but so real bitches, getting fucked for real.


Incredible bdsm ancient porn comics

Incredible bdsm ancient porn comics

Make your choice and stay for more incredible bdsm torture scenes with sexy slave babes. Ancient ways of torturing and exotic female slaves, that were drawn especially for dedicated viewers. Your attention will be caught by many pictures of violence, whipping, bondage and raping. All art works were made by professional artists, that have been dealing with bdsm world for years. The most popular and wanted picutres, that were drawn to make horny all of the men. Incredible scenes where bent girls, being fingered and dildoed really hard. This experience is just another step on the path of bdsm world.

Incredibly cruel bdsm comics

Incredibly cruel bdsm comics

This could be a really wild and unexpected gallery that will open all of the secrets of secret bdsm world. You will get lots of pleasure, looking through those amazing and so cruel comics. All of the anger and passion of masters will blow female slaves pussies and make them really sexy. All kinds of torture, bdsm whipping, beatjng and raping, what else could be more pleasurable. It is a real chance to be closer to the unknown and so hot bdsm world. Your attention will be caught by sexy girls who have to choice, being fucked really hard by their masters. Artists created such great works made it with passion.