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You must fish naked white girls in bondage cuffs

The Island club

The Island club

The Island club: You must fish naked white girls in bondage cuffs
BDSM comics by Gary Roberts
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Sexy bdms girls going super crazy

Sexy bdms girls going super crazy

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Hardcore pictures of submissive girls

One of the most popular galleries full of bdsm comics, that definitely will be appreciated
by many fans of bondage. Those artworks are incredibly realistic, girls look so alive
and playful, that you think they are not drawn. If you like when girls go wild and treat
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Hardcore pictures of submissive girls

I can’t be tied up and naked

bdsm by Eu Inocencius
Why are my legs… spread so wide! I’m fucking folded up!
What the fuck! I’m naked! I’m naked! Why the fuck am I not wearing clothes! Why the hell is my pussy spread open in front of my face?
“Uugggh! Hegghh mheeughh!”
I’ve got something in my mouth! A gag! I’m gagged and tied up… and naked!
I… I have been kidnapped! No! Fucking, no!
“Oghh! Ooghh! Egghh ee ooggh!”
Please, don’t let this be happening. I can’t be tied up and naked!
I can see my tits and pussy and I’m spread wide! No!
bdsm by Eu Inocencius
Unblinking eyes stared at pretty Madison’s young, nude, and restrained body as she struggled. Digital electronics recorded how the cold air had made the girl’s nipples hard. As her thighs trembled, Madison’s splayed pussy lips were on display for a camera lens. While her wrists tugged fiercely at the leather shackles attached to steel rings anchored to the floor, a camera looked on. The captive girl pushed with her legs against the restraints around her thighs… and the effort caused her anus to pucker. Every humiliating detail was video recorded.

Rich bitch – Naked, chained and gagged

bdsm comics by Steve
“That night, our sassy heroine woke up after a drug induced sleep. She found herself almost naked, chained and gagged. But what disturbed her more was the naked girl kneeling next to her…”
bdsm comics by Steve
“Welcome to my humble place, Princess. I see you’ve already got acquainted with Sucky, my personal slave-girl. She used to be a high class prick teaser like you… now, after a year in this basement she’s a most affectionate and willing sex slave. May I show you?”

New Whores

bdsm by Damian

Sometimes captured women were exhibited on a special wooden frame on wheels, four at a time. The frame was appreciated by the largely drunken crowd because from wherever you sat in the Coliseum you got a good view of at least one naked slave. The frame was painful for all three girls, but for the girl on the front it was especially painful…
The unfortunate woman was tied so that her body was arched backwards, pushing her cunt out. Just below her cunt was a pole into which sharp pointed nails had been driven. The girl struggled against cramp and soon had difficulty holding her vagina above the nails. On a signal from the Emperor, the flogging began.
The flogging was performed with long swishy sticks. There were no rules about which part of the body should be punished because all parts were punished…
From time to time an official fingered the girls’ cunts and if he found one that was especially wet and juicy, he announced it to the crowd. The crowd would choose which of the girls would be penetrated at the end of the flogging sessions.
The girl on the nails was usually a feisty warrior from some Gallic tribe. When the flogging stopped for the other girls, it continued for her. At least two men worked on her breasts with cats o’nine-tails.
bdsm by Damian
With the new influx of slaves after the Gallic War, whorehouses found it easier to change girls more frequently. It was one of the worst fates for captured women. They knew that they would be used day and night because new women were always the most popular in brothels.
Antonius was a brothel owner and an experienced slave trainer. He wanted to work fast this time to get the girls into his brothel as soon as possible.
He subjected them to merciless sessions of physical abuse, so intense that he had to let the girls rest for a few minutes from time to time because he was afraid of doing them permanent damage.
He watched as one of the girls tried to keep her vagina off the sharp edge of a marble block. He brought his riding crop down from time to time with no warning, to ensure that the girl would move and feel the sharp edge of her clitoris.
“Say, I’m a slut!” he ordered.
“I’m a slut! I’m a slut! Don’t hit me please! Take me off here! I’ll do everything you say!”

Sexy slave girls and masters

Artwork that will shiver all the amateurs of bdsm and cruel comics. Games those girls
play are extremely dangerous, they are going to get their pussies on trial and show
their real faces. Nice and tough scenes that were drawn by best bdsm artists, only
pleasure and pain mixed in one poisonous moment. What you are going to see is just
a real wildness. Incredible girls, slaves of their masters will be fucked hard, whipped
and beaten. A challenge nog for all girls, only the sexiest of them get the chance to be
involved in the best rough game. Comics bdsm art that was created by the best artists for the
real amateurs.


bdsm by Thorn
He was like a child with a new toy. He now ran his hands gleefully the crying girl’s exposed flesh. She cringed, revolted by the touch of his fingers as they wandered freely over her naked body, fondling her breasts, stroking her belly and thighs then down to her young slit. “Did this boyfriend of yours fuck you? I want to know if you have ever been fucked.”
bdsm by Thorn
“That’s cooled you down and this’ll soon warm you up,” he said, as he picked up the scrubbing brush. He grabbed her and set about vigorously scrubbing her naked flesh all over. She yelped squirmed and wriggled in pain as the stiff bristles scoured her soft skin.
Soon her body glowed like a boiled lobster.

Suffering slave girls

Suffering slave girls

Amazing suffering beauties, that were caught by masters and made to serve as slaves.
This is a dream come true for any man, girls should be submissive and do anything that
masters tell. They will be fucked face down and ass up, using more crazy tools those
men are going to bring more pain to the fresh wounds of sexy girls. These comics are
going to show some cruel and ruthless world of bdsm. Not real girls, but still so sexy
and crazy, they are working their asses and tease you. Those incredible pictures will
be a good addition to any collection of bondage and torture porn, busty ladies and wild
scenes, nothing could be better

A freshly bought virgin slavegirl meets her dyke Mistresses

bdsm by Badia
A freshly bought virgin slavegirl meets her dyke Mistresses…
“You will never get fucked by a man, slave… too late for that now that we own you. But before training you as our cunt-slave we want you to know how painful male intercourse can be…”
“Yeah… you are not missing anything, believe me. Men are sort of brutes, they have no sensibility, not like us girls….”
“May I sit on her face while you deflower her?”
“Yes, of course. It’s time for our little thing here to know what a well-soaked cunt tastes and smells like!”
bdsm by Badia
Two sisters, not yet 21, meet their legal guardian…
“I know what you young whores need: a morning whipping and four shags a day, minimum! It keeps you tame and relaxed. From now on, you won’t be allowed to leave these premises and you’ll be kept permanently naked, gagged and chained.
In due course I’ll find you a husband to take care of you. But you are still too young to marry and I’m in no hurry…”