I can’t be tied up and naked

bdsm by Eu Inocencius
Why are my legs… spread so wide! I’m fucking folded up!
What the fuck! I’m naked! I’m naked! Why the fuck am I not wearing clothes! Why the hell is my pussy spread open in front of my face?
“Uugggh! Hegghh mheeughh!”
I’ve got something in my mouth! A gag! I’m gagged and tied up… and naked!
I… I have been kidnapped! No! Fucking, no!
“Oghh! Ooghh! Egghh ee ooggh!”
Please, don’t let this be happening. I can’t be tied up and naked!
I can see my tits and pussy and I’m spread wide! No!
bdsm by Eu Inocencius
Unblinking eyes stared at pretty Madison’s young, nude, and restrained body as she struggled. Digital electronics recorded how the cold air had made the girl’s nipples hard. As her thighs trembled, Madison’s splayed pussy lips were on display for a camera lens. While her wrists tugged fiercely at the leather shackles attached to steel rings anchored to the floor, a camera looked on. The captive girl pushed with her legs against the restraints around her thighs… and the effort caused her anus to pucker. Every humiliating detail was video recorded.

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