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The slave’s revolt

Relevance: 100.00%     Posted on: 2016-04-30 17:24:14

There were three slaves’ revolts. The most famous was led by Spartacus in the 70’s BC. The slaves’ army proved difficult to defeat. Many male slaves were physically strong, and their army was well-organized. They fought Rome for over a year, but were finally defeated. ...

Damian crucifixions – decadence

Relevance: 87.06%     Posted on: 2015-06-03 12:58:54

The robed women were lined up and forced to watch as two of the freshly caught slaves were burned alive by the heathen army. Anya and Lania screamed madly as the flames slowly consumed their flesh. "PLEEEEASE! AAAAAUGHM Please kill us PLEEASEM" "No my little virgins," laughed the Bedouin chieftan, "you are ...

Roman Decadence. The Senator.

Relevance: 86.94%     Posted on: 2016-02-29 15:04:30

The Senator got through a lot of slaves. He bought them in pairs and when he grew tired of them he sold them in pairs. The Arab slave traders knew the Senator and his rituals well. The girls had to have different color hair. On this ...

Crusader slaves

Relevance: 82.79%     Posted on: 2015-06-28 13:17:27

Mara refused to accept her new status as a slave rather than the aristocratic daughter of a slain crusader. But her owner, Masul, had a ready and always effective solution for curing the haughty Mara of her refusal to accept the new reality. Her whipping was brutal and extended and ...

Sexy slave girls and masters

Relevance: 67.86%     Posted on: 2012-10-16 09:11:55

Artwork that will shiver all the amateurs of bdsm and cruel comics. Games those girls play are extremely dangerous, they are going to get their pussies on trial and show their real faces. Nice and tough scenes that were drawn by best bdsm artists, only pleasure and pain mixed in one poisonous moment. ...

Jasmine began to suck and fuck as best she could

Relevance: 65.45%     Posted on: 2015-09-04 14:19:45

Jasmine thought she was in love and consented to visit the Sultan's village in the middle east. When she arrived however, she found that this would be no golden fairy-tale dream but a black nightmare of rape and torture. Jasmine was to become just another prostitute rented out to anyone ...

White slavers

Relevance: 57.92%     Posted on: 2015-08-14 14:06:55

"Show me your cunt and finger yourself, slave! Every dumb cunt knows how to cum properly! And make it real, qirl, or you'll regret it... I've seen a lot of my husbands slaves cum and go, and I know when they re cumming for real!" "AAEEEIIIIII... PLEASE... DON'T... AAAAEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" "Shut up, you ...

Cutie in sex slavery of BDSM lover

Relevance: 51.91%     Posted on: 2012-06-02 09:18:13

A young blonde with posh body got into trouble. Her ship crashed at the unknown island. The poor babe survived and was sold by a sailor to a perverted BDSM lover. The man had a lot of black sex slaves who had to fulfill the most perverted of his desires. ...

Palace of bdsm tortures

Relevance: 49.52%     Posted on: 2012-06-12 07:27:44

The palace of prince Ahmed is just a harem of white girls who were captured in the US and brought to him to serve and service. They are all slaves, they have to any chance to escape and it makes them even more upset. Olivia Hamilton is one of those ...

Suffering slave girls

Relevance: 49.50%     Posted on: 2012-07-26 07:35:46

Amazing suffering beauties, that were caught by masters and made to serve as slaves. This is a dream come true for any man, girls should be submissive and do anything that masters tell. They will be fucked face down and ass up, using more crazy tools those men are going to bring more ...

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