Two gagged sluts talking to each other

bdsm by Eu Inocencius
“C’mon you sluggish bitch! Damn, for a girl who spent so much time in the gym, you are one slow piece of fuckmeat! I think your friend, our visitor, is awake and I would think you would be anxious to meet her again. After all, she came all this way out into the desert for you. Ha, ha, ha, hah! Right, blondie?”
My butt is so sore… just having my cheeks rub together around my anus hurts! That bastard fucked me there so long and hard that…
No! Madison? Is that Madison?
“Get your pretty white ass down these stairs now, slut! I think you know that I am not patient, and certainly not with a tied up blonde that I own. You are going to suffer enough to keep my rod hard. You don’t want me to have to teach you lessons too, do you?”
“We got a lot of work to do, blondie, now that your redhead friend is with us in the cellar. You and I, we had a lot of fun in this place, but it is only gonna get better, cockbreath.”
bdsm by Eu Inocencius
“See, blondie, the new slave bitch is awake. I knew that I heard a cute little whore in bondage moaning for attention down here. You are just the cunt to give it to her, aren’t you? You’ll get plenty of help from ol’ Sanchez… and his cock… and his whip. But you know that, don’t you blondie?
That can’t be Olivia! That means… Olivia was kidnapped… and I’ve been kidnapped! No! Shit, no!
Look at that ugly fat man. He’s half naked and his cock is hard! He is a rapist. He is going to rape me!
How can that be… That can’t be Olivia, can it?
Madison! This maniac has taken Madison, too? No one is out there finding me! No one is arresting him. This bastard is free to run around and kidnap my friends and bring them here! It’s hopeless, isn’t it? Oh, Madison!
“Oaggleea! Ggooh! Ongg eegchh iiimm!”
“Mmmagahun! Mmagahun!”
“Two gagged sluts talking to each other. How very sexy!”

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