Nilsson camp

bdsm by Nilsson

“Take that! And that, for being dirty! I’m gonna take you both with me. I’m gonna shut you up where nobody’ll find you! And I’m gonna fuck the pair of you, I’m gonna fuck the asses of you, I’m gonna fuck your fucking cunts all day and all night!”
bdsm by Nilsson
“Surprise, surprise, eh? You thought I was matt ripper, didn’t you? Ha! ha! That’s what everybody’s gonna think!!! They’ll string him up! And you two will be in a basement, chained to a cage, stark naked, waving your tits and cunts in the air, waiting for dear old Uncle Elmer to bring you some food and put his big dick in all your holes! Bad mistake, Liz, not wanting to fuck with me! Now I get your daughter too! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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