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Sexy slave girls and masters

Artwork that will shiver all the amateurs of bdsm and cruel comics. Games those girls
play are extremely dangerous, they are going to get their pussies on trial and show
their real faces. Nice and tough scenes that were drawn by best bdsm artists, only
pleasure and pain mixed in one poisonous moment. What you are going to see is just
a real wildness. Incredible girls, slaves of their masters will be fucked hard, whipped
and beaten. A challenge nog for all girls, only the sexiest of them get the chance to be
involved in the best rough game. Comics bdsm art that was created by the best artists for the
real amateurs.

You get to finally meet the real Rudy

The flying saucer sex cult

The flying saucer sex cult

The flying saucer sex cult: You get to finally meet the real Rudy
BDSM comics by Gary Roberts
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Real hardcore bdsm pictures

Real hardcore bdsm pictures

New ways of making yourself more horny, those bdsm comics are real dope! It is time
for some ladies to flash their titties and asses, they will be undressed, spanked, tied up
and then wildly fucked by black guys. They are already did all the job and girls are lying
on the floor, waiting for the destiny to come and punish their nasty pussies. Those hoes
will be treated with dicks and sex tools. Good drawn, with excellent quality and super exclusive content those comics become more exciting for anyone. Incredible scenes of bdsm sex, with all its violence and cruel adding ups. The moat cruel comics of all times.

Drawn girls bdsm scene

Crying will not help all of those bitches get some mercy, they will be fucked and touched really violently, because slavery is their only way of living. The best artworks made by talented and passionate to their job artists. The stories of slave females, who were caught and tied up for further violent sex slavery, they will open the whole picture of pain, mixed with pleasure and despair. It is a real sex of unreal girls, who are so sexy and wild. Scenes of gagging and whipping will be teasing your sight and add something mysterious to the bdsm comics life. Drawn, but so real bitches, getting fucked for real.


White slavers

bdsm by Tryten
“Show me your cunt and finger yourself, slave! Every dumb cunt knows how to cum properly! And make it real, qirl, or you’ll regret it… I’ve seen a lot of my husbands slaves cum and go, and I know when they re cumming for real!”
bdsm by Tryten
“Shut up, you stupid whore… yeah… this is pure butcher’s meat. You got a bad deal here, honey. Better throw her to the miners and see what happens… Perhaps they can turn cold meat into something hotter and hornier.”
“Yeah… I’ll send her to the mine… plenty of fun there for you slave. There’re 150 miners working in shifts of 6 months. They haven’t smell a cunt for 5 months now… they’ll very pleased with you.”

Female torture and bondage

female torture and bondage

It is a great chance to be in the center of action of another bdsm hotness. The whole scene is just super exciting, made by talented artist specially for the amateurs of drawn bdsm. Geeks are always weird and cruel inside, they hide their lust and ruthless nature, so here is the scene of a female, who trapped and bound to deal with such a jerk. Her torn pantyhose and sore boobs just the job of her master, she has no chance to escape, because she is being tied up. This is a real and cruel bdsm picture, showing the real action in pictures. More at

A long Sunday afternoon slave training session

bdsm by Thorn

“That’s was your lucky break, me rescuing you like that, kid. The papers say there were no survivors. The divers are still looking for you. You’re gonna stay with me for ever now, in this nice dry little room. It’s fair enough, after all.
I rescued you, and that makes you mine. You look like a whore to me, so I probably saved you from Hell too. Saved you from the Bible’s Hell, of course, not from mine. No one’s gonna save you from mine, between these four walls… Now let me hear you say it again, how much you like being raped by your savior…”
bdsm by Thorn
“Now we’ll go over that again, right? When I pinch your nipple you let your pert little ass down nice and slow until I feel you wetting my alls. I want the tip of my prick way up in there… and then you take your ass up real slow again until your lips are around my tip.
You squeeze my tip with your whore’s pussy until I say stop. It’s a bit like chewing gum, you get me? And by the way, if I shoot my load too soon, you get thirty lashes on your ass. Are you ready now?”

Now thoroughly terrified into hopeless submission

bdsm by Hines
Now thoroughly terrified into hopeless submission by the prospect of a horrible death if they resisted, the three sisters were used as tender fuckmeat by their male cousins and their various girlfriends. Cousin Bobby had decided to claim Sue Lynn as his own personal property. Bobby just couldn’t get enough of her trim body, still-tight pussy and the way that she begged and moaned when he rammed his cock deep in her ass.
bdsm by Hines
“Now don’t you worry none, cuite. Your dear old Aunt and her friends are gonna take real good care of you here. We’re not gonna keep you workin’ all the time – sometimes you are gonna be havin’ fun back here with me and your ‘Aunt’ Cora and ‘Uncle’ Billy Bob. Don’t judge Billy Bob by his looks; he’s got one heeluva huge cock on him and he can keep you screamin’ all night with what he does to you with it. And me and Cora might be kinda big, but we both gush out a lot of pussy juice once a sweet thing like you starts spendin’ a lot of time lickin’ sown there.”
Lilly was quite taken with Amie; the niece’s rather innocent looks had always appealed to her as she had watched her grow into adulthood.
Now Lilly would have the chance to show the girl just how close of a relative that she could be…

Girls been used as toys in slavery

Old times of bdsm slavery, poor females are treated like nothing more than toys. You can get those incredible comics and get deep into the ancient world if slave torturing. It is just incredible to be the witness of a girls hanging in the middle of the room, she is being tortured by her masters and they will never let her go. Those girls are bound to have their pussies fucked will plenty of dildos and tools, anything that could fit in their little hole. Nice content will provide amazing time with the sexiest drawn models of bdsm comics. Only the most hardcore scenes and dirties moments for the real amateurs.

Suffering slave girls

Suffering slave girls

Amazing suffering beauties, that were caught by masters and made to serve as slaves.
This is a dream come true for any man, girls should be submissive and do anything that
masters tell. They will be fucked face down and ass up, using more crazy tools those
men are going to bring more pain to the fresh wounds of sexy girls. These comics are
going to show some cruel and ruthless world of bdsm. Not real girls, but still so sexy
and crazy, they are working their asses and tease you. Those incredible pictures will
be a good addition to any collection of bondage and torture porn, busty ladies and wild
scenes, nothing could be better