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The hotel – Cheerleaders make the best fuckslaves

bdsm comics by De Haro
“What do you think bitch? Can you take the whole thing down your throat?”
“Doesn’t matter you don’t have a choice HAHA”
“Oh don’t cry, it will be over soon…then we get to sell you for lots of money, cheerleaders make the best fuckslaves”
“STOP CRYING! Its just 9 more cocks and then one teeny tiny numbered piercing in your nipple so they keep track of you at the auction HAHA. Or would you prefer a brand?”
bdsm comics by De Haro
“How’s that crotch rope feeling Debbie?”
“Get used to it, where you’re going there will be things a lot more painful than that”
“If you’ll excuse me I need to go get dressed, I’m meeting my new business partner, try not to struggle too much, that rope is designed to automatically tighten HAHA”
“I won’t see you again so this is goodbye, a man will be by in an hour or two to take you to your new owner. I hope you like being a fuckpet!

Foreign slave – Ahmed is a patient master

bdsm comics by Mr Kane
Ahmed is a patient master. He enjoys the physical beauty of his slaves and he dislikes marking them with whips and riding crops. Elizabeth is his latest slave. She is a young tourist who was captured on a lonely beach where she was swimming naked.
“Get your dirty hands off me, you bastard!” she said, when he first tried to rape her. Andira, old and trusted slave, knows how to make Elizabeth fulfill her obligations to her master… Elizabeth is now buried up to the neck in the hot sand, dying of thirst. If she want a drink, she will to drink her noble master’s sperm. “You’re gettin fonder of me every day, you naughty little infidel cunt… Before I take you out I’ll crap on your face and watch you eat it. I want to be quite sure you really are an obedient little white bitch…”
bdsm comics by Mr Kane
The Cadi needed money to pay off the debts left by his bankrupt father, Alkarin. He put Zobeida in the last batch, knowing that many buyers, like hunters at the end of a bad day, will do anything for a kill. The slave in charge of the auction has been told to try to get a good price for her. The price for a free woman sentenced to slavery is usually high.
“This bitch has been hiding her mouth-watering body for too long, till yesterday! Now you can all feast your eyes on her soft feminine pleasures. And if you buy her, you’ll be able to fuck her greasy cunt and asshole as often as you want. Not to mention this proud face of hers!”

Dealing with the rejects – I was a free citizen like you

bdsm comics by Tim Richards
“You think that your hot looks and blonde hair will have our men treating you with deference and respect, but that shows just how little you know about Troy. We treat every legal citizen with value and respect, but have no mercy for our enemies! Bind her tightly guard, I want to watch her thrash under my whip until her delicate bones snap against the restraints!”
SLAVE: “No, you’ve got to let me go! I was a free citizen like you, please don’t do this!”
“A fuck-slave should be thankful whenever a citizen is kind enough to grace your womb and throat with their superior cum. Yes, even tighter guard! Ignore her sobs, she’s just eager to start her training on the breeding rack. Once she’s got a belly full of Roman seed, she’ll realize her new place in society!”
bdsm comics by Tim Richards
PLINIUS- “Give these useless whores 100 lashes each, then toss them to the gladiators for a couple of days. I wanna be sure that the next time they’re up for auction, they’ll make more of an effort to get sold fast!
PLINIUS- “Did you ever see such a poor performance on the block? When that Legionnaire Captain said he’d use the blonde’s cunt as a reward in the prisons for good behavior? The worthless slave couldn’t stop screaming in misery! That’s right Decimus, give the thankless slut something real to scream about!
PLINIUS- “And the brunette was even worse! When that rich, spice trader wanted to buy her and use her mouth as his personal toilet, the haughty Trojan slut passed out in horror! Well just you wait, raven-haired trash, you can’t imagine what I’ve got planned for you!”
BRUNETTE THINKS- Oh Gods kill me now if I have to service that disgusting fat man again with my mouth… and feel his pudgy fingers grabbing my hair, forcing my head down to is revolting cock!